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Custom Fitouts

Do you have a van, bus, motorhome caravan or trailer you are wanting to either customise or fit out?

We specialise in this type of work, either we can design it or you can design it, and then we can build a custom kitchen, shower/toilet, and bedding / seating arrangement to suit your needs. We can do this to anything from an empty van, trailer or bus. We can take care of the full job including plumbing, wiring, flooring and windows etc or we can do some work for you so you can DIY the rest it’s totally up to you.

If you have a motor home or bus maybe a caravan that’s just not set up right and you want to alter it to make it more user friendly we can help there also by adding seating changing kitchen units, bathrooms, cabinetry etc we do all this in house.

Call in one day and we can have a look at your project and give you some ideas on what can be done to make your project a user friendly well equipped unit.

Call us, come in store or Contact Us for more information

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